Thank you all, we made it!

We reached our crowdfunding goal and beyond. This is thanks to the contributions and encouragements of over 250 people. Thank you! We are now able to work intensly on our new album and its release that will come out in Spring. You are still able to pre-buy the album & support our project through indiegogo:

Campaign info:

We feel proud, nervous, shy, and brave to be doing this!
Thank you for being here with us.
We are Las Lloronas and this is our first crowdfunding campaign ever.

Our music, intimacy and poetry entangled with rhythms and rhymes, will be recorded in November in a professional studio in Brussels. And for that we need your help. The new album is for us like a manifesto, a way to celebrate vulnerability, a way to cry out our indignations and our hope, a way to feel and to heal.

Who we are & the path we are on

We, Sura Solomon and Amber in ‘t Veld, grew together into Las Lloronas (The Criers) in the wintery streets of Brussels in December 2017. We busked, we played in living rooms, on stages, festivals and in radio stations.

A year ago, we recorded our first EP called ‘Take Space’. Since then we gained invaluable experiences, we joined forces with a double bass (Mateusz Malcharek), saxophone (Vanesa Diaz Gil) and clarinet (Marieke Werner), we poured our insides into new tunes, and now the time has come to take the next step.

The final product, the new album, will not be our final destination though. It’s just a start, a key, a catapult, a pick up line. A way for us to present our work and its worth to the world, to you and to those who can help us make this a sustainable project.

What we need: the numbers

10.000 Euro may seem like a lot of money. But it turns out, that’s just about what it costs to record a professional studio album. Take a look at this, we’ve made a list: 

  • Sound Engineers, Musicians, Coaching : 1950 EUR
  • Studio rent : 2200 EUR
  • Mixing & Mastering : 1000 EUR
  • Printing CDs : 2500 EUR
  • Material, Organization, Promotion : 900 EUR
  • Transport : 700 EUR
  • Food : 400 EUR
  • Buffer : 350 EUR
  • TOTAL : 10 000 EUR

If for some breathtaking reason we exceed the funding goal of 10 000 EUR, the additional resources will go into the organisation of our release concert and tour, into much-needed sound material, and into fixing our instruments (yes, Amber’s guitar has a hole).

What we need: the crowd

We want to continue making and sharing our art independently, owning the rights of our music. Therefore, we ask you to contribute with your resources and skills according to what you have and can give. We feel lucky, committed and we trust in the power of a collective network. We are immensely grateful for your support, honestly, you rock!!

Other amazing ways to support us

For all the travelers, artists, poor, freegans, no-visa-card-holders and/or post-capitalists who would still like to support us somehow, there are many ways to do so:

  1. You can share our crowdfunding campaign and tell your people why you think we should be supported
  2. You can contribute with your cooking, video, photo, massage skills, always (call + 32 479 73 83 50 or write to to offer those contributions)
  3. You can help us get more concerts, talk about us, share our videos & music, help us amplify our voices wherever you are
  4. You can come to our concerts during the campaign and contribute cash to our crowdfunding, and also your simple presence in a concert is precious, obviously!

With love,

Las Lloronas