Our music video “LÁGRIMAS” is out!


We proudly present you Lágrimas, the first single of our album S O A K E D, which will be released on November 7, 2020.

The film was made by Raphaël Holt, and in collaboration with many others, including fantastic extras for the party, metro and stable scenes. Big, heartfelt thanks to all those who supported us in the process of creating this video!

We also want to deeply thank all the people who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign #fundthecriers & Muziekpublique who made it possible to release our music into the world, in this way, with the amazing help of magical professionals. Here is therefore the first manifestation, coming together, finalized expression of this adventure – Lágrimas !


Finally it’s here, save the date dear friends, we will present our new album S O A K E D on November 7, 2020 at Théâtre Molière, Brussels. It would mean a lot to us to see you all in those fluffy red velvet chairs of Théâtre Molière! Get your tickets here: https://muziekpublique.be/concerts/20201107-las-lloronas/



Las Lloronas is a Brussels-based trio that merges acoustic music with slam poetry. Three voices assert their intimate lyrics, they soak in harmonies and melancholic melodies. In their performance, Las Lloronas share a moment of powerful vulnerability, on the verge of lament, daydream and battle cry.