Album SOAKED (2020)

Our debut album ‘Soaked’ is the fruit of more than a year of creation, soaking in fears, in sorrows and joys, speaking out our minds, taking a stance and taking space, being bold, powerful and vulnerable. It is inspired by a quality often present in folk music. The quality of expressing deep-felt emptions, coming from the guts, real and raw. This gives rise to a shared experience where musicians and listeners together are soaked in a sensation that goes beyond words and talks straight to the body. This is what happens in small cafés or village squares or living rooms, where people dance and sing for each other, where passion is more important than skill, where music is catharsis and celebration at the same time and where it is consumed and shared, not as a commercial arftifact, but as a basic human experience, that goes way back in time.

Listen to or buy the album here:

recorded at Studio Pyramide (Beersel) by Pierre Truong, at Jet Studio (Koekelberg) by Christine Verschorren and at Gigos Studio (Genk) by Gianluca Nobile

mixing Christine Verschorren mastering Frédéric Alstad & Christine Verschorren co-production Las Lloronas & Muziekpublique

EP Take Space (2018)

Our first EP came out in July 2018. It is the result of a few months of experimentation in music, feminism, (re)claiming public spaces – virtual, urban, and physical – with our voices and sounds and bodies. We’ve been practicing to be(come) vulnerable, authentic, beautiful, and ugly, out of tune and in harmony. We are glad and proud to share this with you!

Find the EP here: Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube.

recording and mixing Pierre Truong mastering Joel Grignard, Rubens Studio