In November 2020 we will release our new album: S O A K E D! stay tuned to taste it soon. You will be able to listen to it online on major platforms or hear it live during our release concert (7th November @ Théâtre Molière) – co-produced with Muziekpublique

EP - Take Space

Here is our first EP that came out in July 2018. Its the result of a few months of experientation in music, feminism, (re)claiming public spaces – virtual, urban, and physical – with our voices and sounds and bodies.

We´ve been practicing to be(come) vulnerable, authentic, beautiful, and ugly, out of tune and in harmony.

We are glad and proud to share this with you!

Thank you

We happened to meet some really special people, and we are not quite sure how to thank them, they are really great humans.

Pierre Truong, thank you for your artistic talents and spontaneous creative ideas, recording, mixing and singing for us in the kitchen was such a pleasure.

Raquel Cypel, thank you for your love letters, housing offers, and the badass flute solo!

Mateusz Malcharek, oh matty, thanks, you’re da best, with your groovy bass lines and generosity.

Joël Grignard, who we just met on the last days and has been super encouraging and has done great work for us.

The Lot family, who had to have breakfast in the staircase to make sure not to make noise during the recording, and who let us invade the whole house with music.

Herman, the ice cream man, who forced us to take breaks as soon as his soothing melody would ring in the streets – check the beginning of ‘pirata’ for a glimpse of that sweetness.

Great thanks to Elsa, Adrien, Simon, Andrew, Hugo, Ella, the Cohue, the Owl’s space, the Boum cafe, the streets of Brussels, Mandril Cultural and Political Center, the mothers and families, the friends and foes for giving us your loving feedback and confronting gazes.