Upcoming Concerts

Yes… we had such a pretty and long list of concerts that have been cancelled. It’s a pity. But hey! you can watch us from your couch, in your pyjamas! soon! Las Lloronas LIVE, ONLINE CONCERT on Thursday 2nd of April! Support us in our concert-less lives and be there, spread the word, and if you really wish to, you can even donate something during the concert to brighten our not-so-abundant financial situation in Corona times… 😉



April 2 – Online concert, 20:30, via live stream on https://kapsel.space/

April 30 – Berlin, Rotbart https://www.facebook.com/rotbart.rixdorf/


May 22 – Antwerp, Den Hopsack https://www.facebook.com/events/555051958556684/

May 28 – Brussels, opening act for La Fanfarria del Capitàn, Vaartkapoen

May 31 – Bochum, Rotunde


June 24-28 – Lärz (DE), Fusion Festival 


July 31 – Abbaye de Floreffe, Esperanzah Festival https://www.esperanzah.be/artistes/las-lloronas/


August 17-21 – In Resonance Festival (PR)

August 22 – private event