Due to COVID19 our concert agenda has been pretty empty for the last year. When we did play, it was mostly in empty halls or in our living room in front of cameras. That’s been really strange and funny, interesting and awkward. It’s time to get the real thing going again! We very much hope that we will be able to share our music, collectively and in person, soon again. Check out our dates below & hopefully see you there!



June 6 – Muziekclub ‘t Ey, Belsele – info & tickets

June 21 – Fête de la Musique, Saint-Gilles

July 10 – Brosella Festival, Brussels – info & tickets

July 15 – Pianofabriek, Brussels

July 17 – Kaap, Oostende – info & tickets

July 31 – Esperanzah! Festival, Abbaye de Floreffe – info & tickets

August 20 – Soirée Musiques du Monde, Eupen

September 9 – September Sessions, Hasselt

October 22 – La Ferme! Louvain-la-Neuve – info & tickets


Cancelled/postponed concerts


La Ferme du Biéreau, Louvain-la-Neuve (BE)


Album release ‘SOAKED’, Les Grignoux, Liège

Belgian World Music Network Showcase, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

Album release ‘SOAKED’, Muziekpublique, Brussels

Last Summer Dance Festival, LUX

In Resonance Festival, PRT

Tuin Guido Gezellemuseum, Bruges

Esperanzah! Festival, Abbaye de Floreffe

Bucht der Träumer Festival, DE

Fusion Festival, DE

Rotunde, Bochum

Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp

59Rivoli, Paris

Rotbart, Berlin

Présentation de Saison des Jeuenesses Musicales, CC de Ciney

Sofar Session, Rotterdam

…and several concerts throughout the year at schools in Belgium (Wallonia) for Jeunesses Musicales, as well as plenty of living room concerts


Past concerts


Le Senghor, Brussels

Belmundo 2.1 Festival, Picknick Express (live stream), Bruges

Théâtre Royal du Péruchet (outdoors), Brussels, album release SOAKED – info & tickets

Sofar Sounds, live stream concert – find stream here

Belgian World Music Network Showcase, live stream concert – find stream here


Plazey Festival, Brussels

Online concert ‘From Home’, streamed live on

Arsonic, Mons – concert recorded by and broadcasted on RTBF ‘Le Monde est un Village’


Winter Pop Festival, Brussels

Platzhirsch Festival, DE

Forest Sound Festival, BE

Bonnefoi, Brussels

La Machine, Brussels

Crix Café, Brussels

Le Lac, Brussels

Théâtre 140, Brussels

Live on radio RTBF, ‘Le Monde est un Village’


Soirées Cerises, Brussels

Théâtre Molière, opening act for Perotá Chingó, Brussels

Mezrab, opening act for Perotá Chingó, Amsterdam

Koitton Club, Barcelona

Living rooms all over Brussels & beyond


Rock Classic, Brussels

Streeeeets, yes!


P.S. We still and always love to do garden & living room concerts, and wish to play at births and funerals, feel free to contact us. Hear you soon 🙂