January 2024

We received an award from the Belgian Worldwide Music Network!! “Remarkable Live Performance”

YEAH! We’re happy, proud and honoured to receive this award, and will go on being our awkward, vulnerable, perfectly imperfect selves on stage & beyond 🤘 Check out our concert agenda if you wanna get an impression of us ‘being remarkable’ in the months to come 😉☺️

November 2023

New release: ‘Little Poets’ live video

Yes yes yes, we’re enjoying this season of harvesting and sharing OUT OF THE BLUE-fruits. Here comes another one – a live video of our song ‘Little Poets’, directed by the incredible María Lorente-Becerra. This is the final of three videos that she created for us (the other two being the intimate documentary ‘Inside Las Lloronas‘, and the video clip for ‘Run’). Big, heartfelt thanks to María and her wonderful team, as well as to all our crowdfunders, to our label Muziekpubliek and to the city of Grenay for making this fruitful visual collaboration possible!

September 2023

Single ‘Run’ & videoclip are out out out!

Out out out, RUN is out! After such a journey, beautiful encounters, a successful & surprising crowdfunding campaign, sweat, tears, fears, hopes, giggles & shames, here is the videoclip for Run. We are so so so grateful, proud, shy, in love, awkwardly putting it out into the world today. Here it is. Aaand on October 6th the rest of the album will follow! Save the date <3

The video was directed by the incredible Maria Lorente Becerra, backed up by an astonishing team. Thank you to all involved in making this video, the film crew, the crowdfunders, our sound magician Christine Verschorren, our label Muziekpublique & Ville de Grenay.

June 2023

Out now: Single ‘Naranjos’ & documentary ‘Inside Las Lloronas’

Our first single ‘Naranjos’ is now out on all platforms! On top of that, we are also releasing the documentary ‘Inside Las Lloronas’, directed by the incredible María Lorente-Becerra, which gives an intimate glimpse into the process of creating our new album OUT OF THE BLUE. We’re very excited to share these first drops of our new album, which will be spilled out entirely on October 6, 2023!

June 2023

Oh-my-crowdfunding campaign!

Thanks to the support of around 150 people on- and offline, the crowdfunding campaign for our new album did not only reach its goal, but exceeded it by 31%! Wow.

From the depths of us, thank you again, for your support, your trust, your kind words, your encouragements, your financial support, your amplification, your love, your feedback, all of it, thank you!

The super duper grateful Lloronas & the whole team <3

June 2022

Here it is! Our new videoclip for ‘Seasick’

Finally out there, ready to be watched and enjoyed by youu-ah-uua-uuah… 🙂 Our biggest, warmest, heartfelt gratitude goes out to Pina Mirall, the talented creator of this beautiful film! THANK YOU, PINA! We also want to thank our label Muziekpublique for supporting the production of this film, as well as the Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen.

November 2020

Our album ‘SOAKED’ is out!

We are happy and excited to present you this fruit of more than a year of creation. It combines the flesh, the seeds, the skin, lyrics and melodies that poured out of our inner landscapes, the strange, fierce and soft corners of us.
The process of putting together SOAKED was a collective and resilient one, full of surprises and wonders. We want to deeply thank all the people who contributed to this project, all those around the globe who supported our crowdfunding campaign and our label Muziekpublique for the co-production of this album. We also want to thank all the musicians, sound engineers and creatives who supported and inspired us from the very start and during the process.

October 2020

We proudly present you ‘Làgrimas’, the first single of our album SOAKED

The music video was made by the incredible Raphaël Holt in collaboration with many others, including fantastic extras for the party, metro and stable scenes. Big, heartfelt thanks to all those who supported us in the process of creating this video!

We also want to deeply thank all the people who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign #fundthecriers & Muziekpublique who made it possible to release our music into the world in this way. So, here it is, the first manifestation, coming together, finalized expression of this adventure – Lágrimas!