1. Belly Blue Las Lloronas 4:07
  2. Pequeña Las Lloronas 2:31
  3. Little poets Las Lloronas 3:49
  4. Naranjos Las Lloronas 4:58

Here comes some musical rawness, some poetic absurdity, some human tenderness, some beauty, some bullshit. Here is our second album: OUT OF THE BLUE, for you. In this album we travel wider & deeper, with humour, sensitivity, questions.

SOAKED (2020)

  1. Lagrimas Las Lloronas 5:03
  2. Seasick Las Lloronas 3:53
  3. Bukra Las Lloronas 2:28
  4. Strange Growth Las Lloronas 1:56

This album is for us like a manifesto, a way to celebrate vulnerability, to cry out our indignation and hope, a way to feel and to heal. It combines the flesh, seeds, skin, lyrics and melodies that have sprung from our inner landscapes, from our strange, fierce and gentle corners.

SOAKED is the fruit of more than a year of co-creation, of immersion in real emotions, in fears and joys, of taking position and space, of daring, power and vulnerability.


  1. Abismo Las Lloronas 4:36
  2. Pirata Las Lloronas 4:23
  3. Flood Las Lloronas 4:28

Our first EP came out in July 2018. It is the result of a few months of experimentation in music, feminism, (re)claiming public spaces – virtual, urban, and physical – with our voices and sounds and bodies. We’ve been practicing to be(come) vulnerable, authentic, beautiful, and ugly, out of tune and in harmony. We are glad and proud to share this with you!